Tuesday, January 12, 2010

McGwire apologizes to La Russa, Selig.

Mark McGwire finally came clean, admitting he used steroids when he broke baseball's home run record in 1998, but he also said he didn't need performance-enhancing drugs to hit the long ball. McGwire said in a statement sent to The Associated Press on Monday that he used steroids on and off for nearly a decade. Later Monday, however, he disputed that the drugs gave him more power to hit homers.
"I was given a gift to hit home runs," he told Bob Costas on MLB Network.
He told Costas that studying pitchers and making his swing shorter led to his increase in home runs and that he could have hit them without PEDs.
"I truly believe so," McGwire said. "I believe I was given this gift. The only reason I took steroids was for health purposes." He took them for health purposes huh, were his balls too big to safely fit in his cup? Click on the pic for the full story.

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