Monday, November 30, 2009

Weis fired as Notre Dame coach after 6-6 season

Charlie Weis arrived at Notre Dame flashing Super Bowls rings and talking about outscheming opponents. He leaves one of college football's most prestigious programs without even matching the record of the two men who were fired before him. Athletic director Jack Swarbrick announced the decision to fire Weis on Monday. "For many of you who may have thought that was a foregone conclusion, I would say to you that the decision was harder than you might have thought, principally because of the man it involved," Swarbrick said during a news conference on campus.

Men and women 'respond differently to danger'

Men and women may respond differently to danger, a brain scan study suggests. A team from Krakow, in Poland, used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to assess brain activity when 40 volunteers were shown various images. Men showed activity in areas which dealt with what action they should take to avoid or confront danger. But the study, presented to the Radiological Society of North America, found more activity in the emotional centres of women's brains.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Push-Button Bra Turns Bitsy to Bodacious

“It’s her. It’s her. It’s still her. The same person, but different breasts each time!” For every woman who has ever regretted waking up in the morning with the same size breasts she had the night before, this Chinese TV commercial wants you to know your troubles are finally over!
According to this announcer, at least, it’s every woman’s dream to have a bigger cup size. Now, with the amazing She’s Mine bra, you can turn that dream into a reality. Not only does it increase your cup size, but it lets you change it to suit your mood. Need some guidelines? The commercial suggests “a B-cup for work, a C-cup for shopping, and a D-cup for partying.”

It's the Annual Thanksgiving Eve Draw A Hand Turkey For Mom Contest

I think that Jerry Garcia drew this one. Click on the pic to see more hand turkey's.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Packers' Harris, Kampman to miss rest of season

The Green Bay Packers feared the worst after watching two of their top defensive players get carted to the locker room Sunday, and things didn't look any better the next morning. Cornerback Al Harris and linebacker Aaron Kampman will both have season-ending knee surgery. Who's the bigger loss?

Man in ‘coma’ heard everything for 23 years

For 23 torturous years, Rom Houben says he lay trapped in his paralyzed body, aware of what was going on around him but unable to tell anyone or even cry out. The car-crash victim had been diagnosed as being in a vegetative state but appears to have been conscious the whole time. An expert using a specialized type of brain scan that was not available in the 1980s finally realized it, and unlocked Houben’s mind again.
The 46-year-old Houben is now communicating with one finger and a special touchscreen on his wheelchair. Someones probably like "crap he heard me call him fat back in '94."

Lucky Bastard

Sex starved women rape a Man in church. Three women kidnapped an 18-year-old man in Chitungwiza and forced him to be intimate with one of them at a cathedral in Harare’s city centre on Tuesday. Must have sucked, click on the pic for the story.

Montague woman is 81, with 13 children, and knows how to bag a buck and apparently her hubby!

Guys in the Spring family think it’s a pretty impressive catch. But what’s more impressive, Ron says, is what gives meaning to the shape of the frame. On several occasions in a large family that loves to hunt, Jaine has snagged the first buck of the season. And she’s 81.“I get a bigger kick out of her getting a deer than I do myself,” said Ron, also 81. “She’s pulling a bow that a lot of men couldn’t pull.” As the two sat side-by-side on a recent afternoon, they laughed and momentarily traveled back in time to Jaine’s first experiences in the woods.Ron and Jaine married in 1999 when both were in their 70s. Ron had been hunting all his life, and each fall, at the time bow season launched, he’d camp with relatives at a spot about 15 miles north of Baldwin. There, they’d spend several days scouring the woods for deer. Click on the pic for the rest of the story.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo to Reprise Vacation Roles

Hide your breakables and stay off the roads, because Clark and Ellen Griswold are going on vacation again. Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo -- who played the calamity-magnet parents in National Lampoon's Vacation and three sequels -- will reprise their roles in a new ad campaign to be launched during the Feb. 7 2010 Superbowl. I wonder if Cousin Eddie will be available for this one.

Hollywood's most overpaid star: Forbes

Find out who Forbes says are the top 10 most overpaid actors by clicking on the pic. I think their all overpaid.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Browns would give LeBron a shot, if he's serious

If LeBron James truly believes he can help the Cleveland Browns, coach Eric Mangini has an orange helmet waiting for him.
"I think he should come on down," Mangini said, smiling. "I know he's pretty busy right now, but if he wants to give it a shot, the guy is gifted. He's competitive and tough. I'm sure whatever he applied himself to, he'd probably be good in baseball or soccer or swimming." The NBA superstar, who was an All-State wide receiver in high school, said Tuesday night that if he put the time and commitment into it, he could be a good football player. Mangini agreed, calling James "a freak athletically" and said the 6-foot-8, 260-pounder could be dangerous at tight end, wide receiver or even outside linebacker.

FBI seeks 'Geezer Bandit' in Calif. bank robberies

FBI officials say an elderly, thin, gray-haired man nicknamed the "Geezer Bandit" is responsible for holding up five San Diego-area banks since summer. Investigators say the man appears to be in his 70s. Officials say that in the most recent robbery Monday, he approached a Bank of America teller in La Jolla, displayed a handgun and asked for cash. He fled on foot.
FBI spokesman Darrell Foxworth says investigators believe the man is also responsible for robbing four other San Diego County banks since August 28. Law enforcement officials are offering $16,000 in rewards for information that leads to his arrest and conviction.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Job Appleton!!

I'm not implying anything....Just saying somebody wasn't considering what would happen when the sun hit the desgin on the bridge. This is College Ave. in Appleton WI. It just opened last week and I don't think that they'll make any changes since it's supposed to be good for over 70 years....Too funny. Get your mind out of the gutter, right?

Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven Successful By Accident

According to the New York Post (via Spinner), the song only got popular because it gave DJs a chance to go out for a smoke break. You may be thinking, “No! That can’t be!” Well, sorry to burst your bubble but you better believe us.
“Stairway to Heaven” became the #1 most played song on the radio despite the fact that it was never a single. As Spinner reports, “Led Zeppelin didn’t do singles.” The song was never even meant to hit the air waves, but because of its lengthy and popular soothing yet rocking guitar riffs, the public got a taste and demanded more after DJs took advantage of the track. I think that it would have become popular regardless, it's Stairway, it's unbelievable.

Titans owner Bud Adams flips off Buffalo sideline

In an apparent last act of defiance toward all things sane, the 86 year old owner of the Tennessee Titans apparently went down to the sidelines during the closing minutes of the Titans game with the Buffalo Bills and gave the finger - two of them - to the Bills sideline.
I had forgotten what a class act that guy is - after all, it's been a few years since he last flipped us off - at least that we know of. The nice thing with the Packers is they could never fine the owner for flipping off the other team. There is just to many of them with the fans owning the team. I've heard that the owners moon the other teams bus on it way out of Lambeau.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ohio 8th-grader suspended for wild Bengals haircut

A young Cincinnati Bengals fan has been penalized for clipping. Dustin Reader got the NFL team's stripes and "B" insignia cut into his hair as a tribute to the team's good season. When he showed up to school in the southwest Ohio city of Hamilton on Monday, officials put the eighth-grader into in-school suspension. The school said its code of conduct prohibits extreme and distracting hairstyles. Click on the pic to check out the boy's do.

Mike Tyson arrested after L.A. airport scuffle

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was arrested on Wednesday after brawling with a celebrity photographer at Los Angeles International Airport and injuring the man's head, police said.
The photographer, who was not immediately identified, also was arrested. He suffered a cut to his forehead and was taken to a hospital. It was not known if Tyson was hurt. I guessing that he wasn't.

And the ugliest people are...

Britons are among the ugliest people in the world, according to a dating website that says it only allows "beautiful people" to join.
Fewer than one in eight British men and just three in 20 women who have applied to have been accepted, an emailed statement from the website showed. Existing members of the "elite dating site" rate how attractive potential members are over a 48 hour period, after applicants upload a recent photo and personal profile.

Iowa frat pledge hospitalized with nearly .500 blood alcohol level

As part of an apparent hazing ritual, an Iowa fraternity pledge consumed so much booze that his blood alcohol level was nearly .500 when, barely breathing, he was admitted early Sunday to a Des Moines hospital. Nate Erickson, a 19-year-old Drake University freshman pledging the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, was found unresponsive at a home used by the frat, according to the below Des Moines Police Department report.

Stars who strip for a cause

See which other stars are getting the public's attention by clicking on the pic.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Milwaukee muggers see Army ID, return wallet

A Milwaukee Army reservist's military identification earned him some street cred Tuesday, when he says four men who mugged him at gunpoint returned his belongings and thanked him for his service after finding the ID. The 21-year-old University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student said he was walking home from work about 1:15 a.m. Tuesday when he was pulled into an alley and told to lay face down and with a gun to his neck. Four men took his wallet, $16, keys, his cell phone and even a PowerBar wrapper from his pants pockets, he said. But the hostile tone quickly changed when one of the robbers, whom the reservist presumed was the leader, saw an Army ID in the wallet. The robber told the others to return the items and they put most of his belongings on the ground next to him, including the wrapper, the reservist said. "The guy continued to say throughout the situation that he respects what I do and at one point he actually thanked me and he actually apologized."

Joe Perry: Aerosmith’s Problems Far From Over

When Steven Tyler joined Joe Perry onstage last night in New York to sing “Walk This Way” – and announced he wasn’t quitting Aerosmith – it seemed like the troubled group’s problems might be over. But Rolling Stone has learned that things are far from settled within the band.

Tequila: 5 Things You Didn't Know

Tequila has a bad reputation and it’s because we’ve all been there, lured by its ritualistic methods of consumption and its promise to take us to a higher level of consciousness, but in the end we’re left with a vague recollection of the night’s proceedings, wondering who’s in the bed beside us, cotton-mouthed and crusty-eyed. I put the brakes on tequila cause most alcoholic beverages just make me happier and more sociable, but, tequila makes me cry.

Ah-ah-achoo! The girl who sneezes 12,000 times a day

Lauren Johnson is a typical 12-year-old girl - except that she can't stop sneezing.It is so bad that she sneezes up to 20 times a minute, or 12,000 times a day. The non-stop sneezing began two weeks ago when Lauren from Virginia in the U.S. caught a cold. Lauren can't go to school and is even struggling to eat. I like to sneeze but only once, twice, maybe four times at the most, it can be pretty fun but this is just insane.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Joe Perry Says Aerosmith Not Breaking Up, Confirms Band Will Replace Steven Tyler

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry took to his Twitter page yesterday to relay some potentially positive news to fans: despite Steven Tyler’s apparent departure, “Aerosmith is definitely NOT breaking up.” Perry also confirmed that the remaining four members of Aerosmith would seek out a new singer while Tyler did “his own thing.”

Miss England gives up crown over brawl reports

Beauty pageant winner Miss England gave up her title on Friday after reports she had been involved in a nightclub brawl with another beauty queen. Rachel Christie, niece of former British Olympic gold medal sprinter Linford Christie, was arrested earlier this week after allegedly getting into a fight with Miss Manchester, Sara Jones, at a club in the northern English city, newspapers reported.

R.I.P. Jerry Fuchs, Musician perishes after New York accident

Jerry Fuchs, a drummer who played in bands including !!!, has died after an elevator accident in Williamsburg, New York. The musician, who was 34, died after a fall at a fundraising party at 338 Berry St shortly after 12:30am (EST) yesterday (November 8) morning, reports theNew York Post.According to sources at the party, Fuchs and a friend had attempted to leap over a gap between an elevator and the building's fifth floor after a malfunction. He fell in the gap due to his clothing becoming caught on the elevator, falling down to his death.He was pronounced dead at 3:30am after being taken to Bellevue Hospital.Fuchs played in the bands Turing Machine, Maserati and The Juan MacLean. If you've never heard Jerry drum he was truly amazing, check out a video of him by clicking on the pic.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Man provides photo for his own wanted poster

A British man on the run from police sent a picture of himself to his local paper because he disliked the mugshot they had printed of him as part of a public appeal to track him down.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Woman Allergic to Husband's Sperm

A new bride discovered that she's allergic to her husband's sperm.
The Daily Mail reports that Mike and Julie Boyde dated for two years and were then married. Their wedding night was the first time they decided to have unprotected sex, and that's when things went wrong.
"Pretty much right after I knew something was not right because I was in a lot of pain," Julie told ABC News . "The pain that I was feeling was inside, kind of like, somebody was sticking needles up inside of me and like a burning, like really painful burning." Julie said she would be in pain for days and that on a scale of 1 to 10, her pain was a 10. "Was there something wrong with me? Was there something wrong with him," she said. Their situation has essentially rendered them unable to conceive as Julie's body automatically destroys the sperm. I think that there might just be a little bit of B.S. going on here. Or wait, their married they won't be having sex anyway.

Man calls 911 to say marijuana missing

A 21-year-old Salem man reportedly called 911 to say that his marijuana was missing, but when deputies arrived, he was booked on drunken-driving charges instead, officials said. It began at 12:52 a.m. Tuesday as a report of a vehicle break-in at the Freeloader Tavern, 501 Lancaster Drive SE, said sheriff's spokeswoman Lt. Sheila Lorance. A man told dispatchers that while he was in the bar, someone broke into his truck, stole $400 cash, a jacket and about 3/4 ounce of marijuana, valued at about $180.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beer with extra buzz on tap up to 16%

A growing number of states are moving to allow higher alcohol content in beer, despite concerns from some substance-abuse experts.
Alabama and West Virginia have passed laws increasing the legal alcohol-by-volume cap for beer from 6% to as high as 13.9% this year. Similar efforts are underway in Iowa and Mississippi, two states with very restrictive limits on the sale of high-alcohol beer, said Sean Wilson, former president of Pop the Cap, North Carolina's successful grass-roots effort that raised the state's limit in 2005.

Wisconsin man's cheesehead hat reluctantly let into Obama speech, gets president's signature

Liberian immigrant Mansfield Neblett just wanted to wear his big yellow triangular "cheesehead" hat to President Barack Obama's speech at a middle school in Wisconsin, the self-proclaimed "dairy state.'
The first roadblock were U.S. Secret Service agents. They initially told him the bright yellow hat in the shape of a slice of cheese usually worn by fans at Green Bay Packers games was a security risk. The 46-year-old Neblett told them he'd skip the Wednesday speech.

Gunman kills 12, wounds 30 at Fort Hood

An Army psychiatrist opened fire Thursday at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 12 people and wounding 31 others, before being shot and captured, military officials said. The gunman, identified as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, was wounded multiple times at the scene but was captured alive and was in stable condition, Lt. Gen. Robert W. Cone, commanding general of the Army’s III Corps, said at a press conference late Thursday. Eleven of the victims died at the scene, military officials said. A 12th died later at a hospital, NBC station KCEN-TV of Waco reported. Cone said that most of those who were shot were military but two were civilians.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Man Stabbed Self To Keep Job

Meet Aaron Siebers. The 27-year-old Denver man, a Blockbuster employee, was skateboarding yesterday afternoon when he fell and ripped his uniform pants. Due to work last night--and concerned about getting "written up" by Blockbuster superiors for not wearing his work-issued khakis--Siebers came up with a harebrained idea. Instead of just calling in sick, he stabbed himself in the leg and showed up at work claiming to have just been attacked by three Hispanic males. Click on the pic for the rest of the story.

World's fastest man adopts world fastest feline

The world's fastest man adopted the animal kingdom's fastest sprinter Monday, as Usain Bolt welcomed a new baby cheetah named "Lightning Bolt" into his life. The Jamaican sprinter's sponsorship of the three-month-old male cheetah is part of an effort to boost Kenyan conservation efforts of its famous wildlife, whose survival is threatened by trophy hunting, climate change and human encroachment.

Consumer Reports Puts 20 Condoms to the Test

In the heat of the moment when most couples use a condom, they might not be thinking about how their choice of contraceptive might work when inflated with 25 liters of air. Or what would happen if it was submerged in water. But this is exactly what Consumers Union did. Their conclusion? While there was some variability in performance, it seems condom users are the winners.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Breathalyzer Man Busted

A Halloween reveler dressed up as a Breathalyzer machine was arrested early Sunday for drunk driving. James Miller, an 18-year-old college student, was busted in Oxford, Ohio after cops spotted him driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street. An actual Breathalyzer machine recorded Miller's blood alcohol content as .158, nearly twice the state's legal limit.

Ex-UPS Driver: I Was Fired For Not Delivering Pot

A former United Parcel Services driver who claims he was fired for refusing to deliver a package containing marijuana has filed a lawsuit against the delivery company. Forty-one-year-old Steven Mojica of Clarkston says in a lawsuit filed in Oakland Circuit Court that he was fired in August because he refused to deliver a 4-pound, next-day package that he believed contained illegal drugs to an address in the Detroit suburb of Pontiac. So what can brown do for you? Apparently not deliver the greens.

Giant crack in Africa may create a new ocean

A 35-mile rift in the desert of Ethiopia will likely become a new ocean eventually, researchers now confirm. The crack, 20 feet wide in spots, opened in 2005 and some geologists believed then that it would spawn a new ocean. But that view was controversial, and the rift had not been well studied. You should buy some property around where this is going to happen. Ocean front property, hell yeah!

Try these simple and fun ways to break out of your routine and find a more positive, confident you.

Developing a more positive, confident outlook on your life doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make sweeping changes. By choosing to incorporate some of the activities on the following slides into your everyday life, you’ll get a boost to your self-confidence and sense of well-being. Sadie Nardini, author of the Road Trip Guide to the Soul and co-owner of The Fierce Club yoga studio in New York City, states, “The most powerful tool for boosting confidence is to change your perspective into something that empowers, rather than disempowers you. They say ‘truth is relative,’ so practice changing the stories you tell yourself about how insecure, weak or not good enough you are to ones that focus on the best qualities of who you are.” Ready to get started?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thinking negatively can boost your memory, study finds

Bad moods can actually be good for you, with an Australian study finding that being sad makes people less gullible, improves their ability to judge others and also boosts memory. The study, authored by psychology professor Joseph Forgas at the University of New South Wales, showed that people in a negative mood were more critical of, and paid more attention to, their surroundings than happier people, who were more likely to believe anything they were told.

Space hotel says it's on schedule to open in 2012

A company behind plans to open the first hotel in space says it is on target to accept its first paying guests in 2012 despite critics questioning the investment and time frame for the multi-billion dollar project.
The Barcelona-based architects of The Galactic Suite Space Resort say it will cost 3 million euro ($4.4 million) for a three-night stay at the hotel, with this price including an eight-week training course on a tropical island.