Monday, November 23, 2009

Montague woman is 81, with 13 children, and knows how to bag a buck and apparently her hubby!

Guys in the Spring family think it’s a pretty impressive catch. But what’s more impressive, Ron says, is what gives meaning to the shape of the frame. On several occasions in a large family that loves to hunt, Jaine has snagged the first buck of the season. And she’s 81.“I get a bigger kick out of her getting a deer than I do myself,” said Ron, also 81. “She’s pulling a bow that a lot of men couldn’t pull.” As the two sat side-by-side on a recent afternoon, they laughed and momentarily traveled back in time to Jaine’s first experiences in the woods.Ron and Jaine married in 1999 when both were in their 70s. Ron had been hunting all his life, and each fall, at the time bow season launched, he’d camp with relatives at a spot about 15 miles north of Baldwin. There, they’d spend several days scouring the woods for deer. Click on the pic for the rest of the story.

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