Monday, February 1, 2010

Scientists discover that if a dog is truly happy, he will wag his tail to the left.

Everyone knows that if a dog's ears are up and its tail is wagging vigorously, it is definitely pleased to see you. Now, scientists using a robot have found that the way dogs use their tails is more subtle than we thought and that dogs that wag them to the left may be more friendly. The animal psychologists discovered that when real dogs approached a life-sized black Labrador with a mechanical tail, they were less wary of it when it was wagging its tail on the left side of its body.
When the robot's tale wagged to the right side, far fewer dogs approached it in a confident manner. What if it doesn't have a tail? Some dogs don't have tails what do you do then? Also is it my left or the dogs left? I guess I'll just find out when it bits me or not. Click on the pic for the story.

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