Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fake survivorman fan found dead in Muskoka wilderness

Just before dawn on Thursday morning, Richard Code disappeared into the darkness and lit out for the Ontario wilderness, bringing little more than a few supplies and the skills he had learned from watching Survivorman, a reality show about subsisting in the bush.
The 41-year-old left behind a note, asking his landlady to call police if he failed to return by Sunday night. On Monday, she reported him missing and on Wednesday afternoon, Code’s body was found in a marshy, snowed-in area just north of Huntsville.
Police say Code’s death is not considered suspicious at this time and his brother Stephen Code said OPP have informed him that the cause of death was hypothermia. Unless your completely and totally bad ass like Les or Bear don't try to be cause you'll end up like this guy. I love these shows and the wilderness, but I still like to have a tent and other basic outdoors equipment. Click on the pic for the full story.

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