Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Some very special pieces of Canadian Olympic hockey equipment are missing.
The gloves and stick used by Sidney Crosby to score the winning goal in Canada's gold medal victory over the U.S. at the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Sunday are unaccounted for, Hockey Canada said Tuesday night. Crosby flung the equipment into the air after his overtime goal in Canada's dramatic 3-2 win.
"After the game, with all the celebration and everything, the equipment was all collected and it was being put in the players' bags," said Johnny Misley, Hockey Canada's executive vice-president of hockey operations. "(It) was noticed that Sidney's stick - that he scored the winning goal with - and his gloves, were missing.
"We're doing a little bit of an investigation to find out what happened."
Misley said the Hockey Hall of Fame initially requested Crosby's stick for its collection.
"There was a request for Sid's stick at the time, but at that time we knew it was missing so we couldn't give it to them." Oops, they "misplaced" the gold medal's too. Nah, they didn't but why would they even want this stuff? That's like wanting Michael Phelps speedo's from the last summer Olympic's, and why would you want that? Click on the pic for the full story.

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