Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6 Famous Characters You Didn't Know Were Shameless Rip Offs

So over the weekend I saw the movie Kick Ass, and I thought that it did exactly that. But, I couldn't help but notice that the charter of "Big Daddy" seemed to look and act a lot like Batman. So it got me thinking what other charters have been more or less ripped off. They say there are no original ideas out there, and we can believe that. Storytelling themes are universal and we understand when a character or scene gets "borrowed" here and there. Click on the pic to see six charters that are rip offs.
But it's hard not to feel betrayed when you find out that some of the stories around which your entire childhood revolved were, for the most part, copied and pasted in with a cavalier attitude of, "the little bastards will never know the difference!"

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