Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drew Brees, You've Been Cursed

Drew Brees has become the latest NFL player to be put up against the "Madden Curse". If you're unfamiliar with the Madden legend ... horrible things always happen to the players who make the cover of the video game. Just ask Troy Polamalu ...the Madden 10 cover boy who sustained a devastating knee injury in week 1 last year. Other victims include Marshall Faulk, Ray Lewis, Vince Young, Shaun Alexander ... and of course Michael Vick. I believe the curse has something to do with Madden's eyebrows, because just like Samson he holds his power in his hair, except Madden hold his in those creepy bushy eyebrows. That's why Favre didn't get hurt when he was on the cover, Madden loves him.

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